Verticals Cartography

This Verticals Cartography tracks the progress of Europe’s 5G Public Private Partnership (5G PPP) in developing 5G technology enablers and applications across diverse market segments through a large set of use cases, spanning proofs of concept, prototypes, demonstrations, trials and pilots to give consumers and vertical end-users tangible examples of 5G usage. Launched in September 2018, the Cartography is designed as a sustainable resource across Europe and globally, with regular reports on updates and impacts of 5G use cases within the 5G PPP. These are available for June 2019, March 2020 and September 2020.

Annual showcase brochures of successful mature use cases stem from the competitions coordinated within the 5G-IA Trials Working Group. Four such brochures are available: 5G Infrastructure PPP - Trials and Pilots published in September 2019, December 2020August 2021 and November 2023. Each year, the top ten trials and pilots are selected by WG Panel Members based on pre-defined evaluation criteria.

How to use the 5G PPP verticals cartography:

To view the many examples available, click on industry vertical, country locations, type of use case experiment and functionalities defined by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU): Enhanced Mobile Broadband (eMBB), Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC), and Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications (URLLC), as well as 5G technical Key Performance Indicators achieved within the 5G PPP. 

This cartography contains a vertical mapping of 5G R&D projects, encompassing trials, pilots and use cases carried out within the framework of the 5G PPP initiative. A total of 353 use cases have been collected, engaging 66 5G PPP projects targeting different vertical sectors. For a graphical representation on the geographical distribution of the different use cases check the map at this link. Also, for any questions about the Verticals Cartography contact and/or

A new version of this vertical cartography will be promoted within the Vertical Engagement Tracker, which is sponsored by the Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) initiative. Stay tuned for future developments! 

Finally, also make sure to check the replicability catalogue, a digital collection of 63 replicable use cases from 15 5GPP projects. This large number of use cases covering most of the verticals will be a very useful catalogue of solutions that could be used by Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) and contribute to the acceleration of the transfer to the market. Browse the replicability catalogue at this link and contact for further information.


Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: Remote vision (as part of remote control of engines)

Remote vision provides live video streaming out of a frontal camera installed on the moving stock.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: PIS (Passenger Information System)

PIS enables passenger information managers to create, distribute and present integrated, synchronised real-time visual, and audio announcements and time information in the trains, “Trackside” and “On-board".

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: Video (*) using bearer flexibility feature

CCTV systems enable real-time viewing of onboard cameras and continuous video recording

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: TCMS (Train Control & Management System) in nominal and degraded radio conditions

TCMS establishes communication between the vehicle and the trackside.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: ATO in border-crossing conditions

As for ETCS, the ATO application was evaluated in border crossing conditions.

Validation of MC (Mission critical) and FRMCS features

  • Same MC features as for ATP in border-crossing conditions use case.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: ATO GoA2 (Automatic Train Operation)

An ATO application is also an on-board to trackside data communication, which has to imitate the behaviour of the train drivers when a mission is assigned to them.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: ATP (Automatic Train Protection) in border-crossing conditions

The use of the ATP (ETCS) application in border crossing conditions (e.g., when moving from one country to another) without impacting the operational behaviour.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: ATP (Automatic Train Protection)

An ATP application onboard (EVC: European Vital Computer) can initiate a data communication to the ATP application trackside (RBC: Radio Block Center) responsible for the train's movement.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: REC (Railway Emergency Communication) with FRMCS and GSM-R participants – border crossing

Railway emergency communication (REC) is used to communicate during an emergency situation.

Transport & Logistics

5GRAIL: Multi-train voice communication

Multi-train voice communication is used to communicate operationally between drivers and controllers